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Vlog 2: The Entertainment Industry: Effects on Animals

Vlog 3: The Entertainment Industry: Effects on the Environment and Overall Well-being




The Effects on the Environment and Overall Wellbeing

The entertainment business has a very large effect on our society. Our population glorifies Hollywood as the perfect place to work, however overall, the entertainment industry can have a very harmful effect on the wellbeing of our environment and especially our quality of life. With the growing concern for the environment from the majority of individuals, as a community we are beginning to recognize the toll entertainment is having on the sustainability of our Earth.  Film is seen to absorb an enormous amount of energy and can create ample environmental damage. Actors and actresses are often seen promoting green initiatives and being environmentally conscious, yet these stars continue to be in movies that are rarely taking the environment into consideration. A study was conducted by the University of California about the impact of the film making industry. It is seen that Hollywood is the largest contribution to air population than most the majority of industries such as aerospace manufacturing, hotel and clothing production. As the cameras stop rolling the emissions are not finished. In order to promote the product, stars and executives are usually flown all over the world creating air pollution. Many print promotions are also used damaging billions of trees in order for the satisfaction of marketing.[1] Like any other business in the world, the entertainment industry has the same goal- to make money. With this comes new innovation that film makers will have to create in order to become sustainable. This industry has the power to be the voice of reason when it relates to saving our environment. There is a constant growing concern for the wellbeing of our planet.[2]  Many celebrities are teaching energy efficient ways and support various sustainable and alternative energy behaviours. Planet Greenfest takes the environmental impact of film and television production into consideration. Antonio Saillant, who is high level filmmaker, has a vision and passion to create energy efficient movies and is putting together a film festival in order to promote his ideas. The core of his knowledge is to bring awareness and creativity to the productions of films and he is determined to make an impact on the entertainment industry and change the world for the better. “Flip the Camera Around” is an opportunity for green filmmakers to show their audience that it is possible to create a sustainability produced film. A universal rating system for “Sustainability Leadership in Motion Picture and Television” is currently in development so that when sustainably friendly production does take place, the makers get noticed for their wise acts.[3] Along with film producers, celebrities are also taking a step up to making the world a better place. Leonardo DiCaprio, the star of many large pictures including “Titanic” and “Catch Me if You Can,” created his own foundation called the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation in 1998. These grounds protect the well-being of wild places by focusing on issues dealing with environmental and humanitarian influences. DiCaprio also serves on the board of the World Wildlife Fund, the Natural Resources Defense Council, International Fund for Animal Welfare and Global Green USA.[4] Along with individuals that choose to do good things for our environment, comes along business people who believe that profit is the most important aspect of the business world. The Kardashian family’s product lines such as K-Dash, ShoeDazzle and Kris Jenner Kollection lines were using inhumane conditions in Chinese factories in order to produce their product. With the wealth that this family portrays, it amazes that they would have the heart to promote sweat shops and poverty to our environment. However, because there fan base is so large and loyal to their personalities, very few consumers took the use of sweat shop production into consideration. Along with the Kardashians, there are many other huge brands that have been caught in the act of producing clothing in unsafe work conditions and using sweat shops in order to save money. In the 1990’s Nike faced an organized global boycott because of their use of sweatshop labour. Once again, because of their popular brand image, celebrity’s endorsements and brand loyalty, this petition did not last long, still leaving them in a top space for one of the largest sport retailers in the world. It is very common for celebrities to attend events such as the Victoria Secret fashion shows. While attending these events they are faced with the promoting and sudden relation of supporting the products being displayed. Though the underlying truth about the products is that in 2007 the factory that was producing Victoria’s Secret lingerie were “slapped and beaten,” and they were later arrested when they protested the abuse.[5] Shopping is one of the largest segments of the entertainment industry that humans tend to turn to. Though when purchasing products at stores, you are not currently thinking about where they were produced or if the company is fully sustainable. It should be your right as a shopper to know that someone’s wellbeing or the conditions of the environment were not affected. Overall, with the analysis of the entertainment industry it is found that there are many issues that need to be fixed in order to make this world sustainable. Though profit is always a goal for all companies, it is important to consumers and the common good that as a society we continuously take the environment into concern. Throughout film, celebrities, large corporations and everyone in between, it is critical to take action.


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The Effects on Animals

In a world that we now thrive on equality for all, it astonishes many about the amount of animal cruelty and abuse that is seen on many occasions. The entertainment industry relies on the likeability of animals in order to intrigue a human audience. Though animals are a thing of the wild, in our society we have rationally made it acceptable to force these creatures to participate tasks purely for the excitement of the human mind. Zoos are known to be a fun and family friendly environment where you can enjoy the scenery and the amazing animals in their habitats. In reality, these perceptions are wrong. These animals are deprived of their rights to exist naturally and are unable to do the necessities of their wildlife environments such as hunting, roaming and developing social structures. On occasions, animals are blamed for the death of trainers when they don’t thoroughly understand what they are partaking in while they are being trained. Not only are zoo creatures captured however, if they attempt to escape from the abuse of the location, they do not try and capture them, yet kill them on the spot for their bad behavior. When taken, animals are usually placed in locations that are different temperatures as their natural habitats as well as a much smaller area in which they need to stay physically fit. Many animals die due to being overweight or illness throughout the location.[1] There are many alternatives to attending zoos, and one may evaluate taking a trip to the location to where the animals are actually located to see their real behavior in the wild. Another entertainment event that animals are usually effected are circuses. These live acts are seen as fun and silly events that take place where animals are portrayed in many ways wearing absurd outfits and being required to participate in the shows for the audience’s pleasure. Circuses are most commonly travelling acts, which leads to the conclusion of wild animals being in confined locations when being transported. While caged, they have no range of motion. In order to get animals to participate in the tricks that take place on the stage, it is often seen that trainers use excessive abusive training. Although positive reinforcement usually occurs to get the creatures to participate, it is not far enough to guarantee the overall control of dangerous animals such as lions or ginormous beings like elephants. Much like zoos, if animals attempt to escape they are most likely shot to death. The Animal Welfare Act is known to produce minimal standards when it relates to handling, care, treatment and transportation of animals. It vaguely states what shall be done, and without breaking any laws circus shows are still able to create an abusive environment for the animals.[2] With all of this said, millions of animals around the world are being tortured to produce a show that is made to make people happy. With the under lying truth about these events, would the average person still support these ideas if they knew what was actually occurring? There is no doubt that animals are one of the most common ways to attract an audience. The entertainment film industry is seen using animals to generate box office numbers along with ratings. “A Dog’s Purpose,” a Hollywood film portraying the love one can have for a man’s best friend was set to release in the month of January before the leak of a video that displayed animal abuse during the filming of the movie. Footage of a German Shepard being forced into turbulent waters was seen in multiple videos, cancelling the premiere of the movie. It was later release and sales plummeted as protesters stood up for the dogs that participated in the abuse that took place during filming. The producer explained that it would have quadrupled the budget of the movie if they were to use digitally enhanced images.[3] Is it really ethical to put a dog’s life in danger to save millions of dollars, which companies have to spend? The movie “Blackfish,” entails the death of many workers in the entertainment industry that attempted to train a killer whale. Because of the abusive acts this wild creature did not know where to turn, killing the individuals who were causing the abuse. This story challenges humans to evaluate their relationship with nature and consider the effects we have on exceedingly intelligent and enormously sensitive fellow mammals.[4] This abuse in the entertainment world has been happening for an extensive period of time. Deaths of real rhinos occurred for the filming of the oldest Tarzan movie, and slaughtering usually occurred during the production of western movies. Because of a concerned audience the American Humane Association (AHA) was eager to step in for the safety of animals on set. However, seen as animal abuse in films still occur, they are not completing their job correctly. One of the most largely anticipated films, “Life of Pi” also participated in animal cruelty by nearly drowning the main aspect of the movie, the tiger. Thousands of movies use the method of abuse when animals are present. “No animals were harmed,” is a very misleading statement to the audiences of films. The AHA who sets out this seal of approval does not monitor living conditions, pre-production training, and premature separation of infants from their mother’s. They are also only able to defend the abuse they are there to witness.[5] In a world that we have the technology to digitally alter images, it is significantly easy to eliminate the use of animals in the entertainment world. Abuse and cruelty to animals should be a thing of the past, and as human beings we should not be able to gain any pleasure or use out of the torture of beings that are similar to us. As human’s, we should stand up for the equality for all living things and should not be subjected to abusive behaviours that we are unaware of in the events we attend in our daily lives.





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The Effects on Celebrities

In today’s society it is difficult to remain in a good mindset about physical image and the expectations of the public with all the recent pressure to be perfect. The average person will be frustrated because of the media; with the models getting skinnier, the products being less natural looking and perceptions that the entertainment world understands the definition of the word ‘perfect’.[1]  While growing up, we are constantly comparing ourselves to role models that are being forced into the spotlight. These role models are not only the furthest thing from themselves, but are participating in unhealthy activities and promoting ways that are harmful to their self and unrealistic. The television serious “Glee” was one of the most popular shows of this generation. Naya Rivera played a high school cheerleader who struggled with her sexuality but still was looked up to by many young females as beautiful and talented. Being in the spot light caused her to cracked under the pressure and was seen with many insecurities about her body and inner self. Because of all the struggles that she faced on the set and facing the pressure of being a popular role model, she was determined to reflect on her experiences by writing a book called, “Sorry Not Sorry: Dreams, Mistakes and Growing.” This book entails all the secrets that she was not allowed to share when she was under contract with the show. Being a child star, you have the burden of every one seeing and analyzing the senseless mistakes you make as you are in the process of becoming who you really want to be. She released that because of the ideal body image that was labelled as the only way to be beautiful and she was forced to get breast implants as soon as she turned 18. She was not only altering her body with plastic surgery, but while she was filming Glee she was anorexic, weighing in at only 98 pounds. Another devastating moment in Naya’s career was her abortion that took place during the taping of one of the seasons of Glee. During her contract with the show it said she could not be pregnant, so she realized that if she were to have the baby her career would have went down the drain and everything she worked for would have disappeared. “I think every woman should have the right to choose, and it scares me to think of a world where the decision of whether to have a child is not her choice to make.”[2] The effect that the entertainment world has on people is punishing.  It takes young, talented, dream worthy individuals and turns them into what the public wants to see. The Disney Corporation is known for creating fame. They know when teens and young children like to see and there are many events where the child stars later premieres what their youth actually consisted of, the audience is usually shocked. In Vulture Magazine’s article called “My Life as a Jonas Brother”, released, in detail, how Joe Jonas grew up in the spotlight and how Disney created his fame, yet altered who he wanted to be. The Jonas Brothers were a band of three brothers who released many reward winning albums, played hundreds of sold out shows and also did acting jobs with Disney creating the movie of “Camp Rock”. He stressed that with his career developing he didn’t know any better than to listen to what they were being told, and their overall goal was to make everyone happy in the end and to play the music they have always dreamed to play. As brothers, at ages 10 or 11 they decided they were going to wear promise rings that promoted that they would not have sex until marriage. However, as they grew up, Disney blew it out of proportion, scheduling interviews about the rings, when the brothers believe it is more of a personal manner. “I can write whatever I want,” these were the words that were spoken by an interviewer when the brothers decided not to comment on the rings. They were not only in the spotlight of interviewers wanting to know the detailed of a 15-year-olds- sex live, they were being captured by the paparazzi being sure they did not do anything wrong. “Screw all this, I’m just going to show people who I am,” became the mindset of the young stars because they could not take the forceful demands of the Disney Corporation. Sex, drugs, relationships, drinking and overall childish behaviour was frowned upon and they were ready for freedom. The Jonas Brothers ended up breaking up twice during their career, devastating millions of fans, yet developing as true artists by becoming solo acts and showing the world their true selves.[3] In a world where the entertainment industry is praised, it is severely hard to keep a good image within the process of making people happy. A close friend to Joe Jonas, as well as an ex-girlfriend, Demi Lovato is a prime example of how the entertainment industry affects people. An incredibly talented actress, singer and musician name Demi had to face the world at a very young age along with struggling with mental health issues. Bi-polar disorder, bulimia and anorexia went along with her drug addictions as she grew up as a child hood star underneath a contract with the Disney Corporation as well. Looked up to by millions, Lovato found herself focusing on the negative comments that were expressed. She ended up having a breakdown on the 2010 Camp Rock Tour, where she was travelling with the Jonas Brothers. While flying on a plane to the next tour destination, she punched one of her back up dancers in the face. After this moment, her friends and family understood the severity of her situation and encouraged her to go to rehab. After she was finished this process, she changed her mind on how she was going to handle being in the spotlight. She now speaks out about metal illness, and has saved fans lives with her book “Stay Strong”. Every tour stop she has a workshop with fans that are struggling with similar problems as she does. Self-harm is a thing of the past for Demi, and in the current spotlight she continues to produce amazing music where her fan base can relate to.[4] The entertainment industry is very forceful and demanding. With situations like Naya Rivera, Joe Jonas, and Demi Lovato it is seen that it is hard for childhood actors, actresses and singers to be in the spotlight and craving fame, yet being produced in a world where there is only one perception of being perfect.

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